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Lough Key, Roscommon

Tibradden Wood, Dublin

Farran, Cork


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Our acclaimed Zipit Forest Adventure Aerial Trail is an action-packed, multi-platform, adrenaline-filled adventure journey for anyone from age 7 upwards with a basic level of fitness. Ideal for those new to the world of adventure who like their challenges in bite-sized chunks to weekend warriors seeking the latest adventure test. Come and tackle this unique activity mix of zip lines, rope bridges, tarzan swings, and climbing walls with a few special extra challenges thrown in for good measure! 

The course is designed for novice adventurers all the way up to the serious outdoor warrior with each element building on the previous. No experience or skill is required, just a desire to have fun and be adventurous. Once through our initiation training, you will be connected to our continuous safety system and you’re on your own to enjoy the forest from a unique perspective! You remain connected throughout the course, ensuring your safety so you can focus on having fun.

Each location has 5 circuits from 1-20 metres high, making Zipit a great day out.  Families can complete circuits together, whilst adults can move straight to the higher obstacles or build their confidence working through the lower circuits first.  On arrival, our instructors will fit you with a safety harness and take you through a short initiation circuit to explain the features of the course and equipment.  Then you are free to move on to the other circuits which get progressively higher and more challenging, according to age, height and ability.

 Our first circuit is the GREEN circuit, with platforms starting at only 1 metre high.  This is aimed at the younger children, but it is also great for families with younger children to complete together.  Our ORANGE and WHITE circuits are for children aged 9 or more and we recommend adults start at this level too.  The Orange circuit is lower than the White circuit, which reaches 10 metres in some places - for some, this is high enough and you can choose to repeat circuits instead of progressing onwards.

If you are aged 12 or more, then it's onwards and upwards to our longest BLUE circuit, with heights up to 15 metres and lots of zipwires.  If you still feel you have room for more adrenaline (and a little fear!) then age 15+ can move on to the RED circuit - a real challenge requiring major energy and upper body strength.  For those of you who are thrill-seekers, ask our instructors for tips on how to make your experience even more extreme!

ZIPIT Forest Adventures at Lough Key Forest & Activity Park, Co. Roscommon, Tibradden Wood, Dublin 16 and Farran Forest Park, Farran, Co. Cork.

Climb it, Swing it, Surf it, Zipit, but above all have fun and be adventurous at Zipit Forest Adventures.

  • First High Wire Forest Trail in Ireland 
  • Continuous Safety System (Clip and Go)
  • Experienced and friendly instructors always available
  • Unique experience – a brilliant adventure
  • No experience or skill required

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