"Best birthday ever", "that was amazing," "so much fun"....

Just some of the comments from our birthday groups that have already visited Zipit.

If you are looking to organise a birthday party for any age, but want to try something different, why not bring them to Zipit for up to 4 hours of fun and adrenaline.

And when we say "child" we don't necessarily mean someone with an age in single digits, this is a great way to mark those significant milestones, whether it's a sweet sixteen, an official entry to adulthood, a key to the door, or a life begins at 40 to mention a few, let's not limit ourselves. So, whether you are a child or an adult join us for a unique day that will stay with you forever.

A 30 - 45 minute instruction session is required, before you can move on through the circuits, so if you only have 2 hours to spend, you really will only get one circuit completed. Allow the time to make your day so much more enjoyable. 

If you are planning to send out invitations, Click Here to use our Zipit Birthday Invitations.


Children's Parties

It is important that  all children must arrive 15 minutes prior to the time that has been booked for the party.   Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.  


With the activity lasting 3 - 4 hours, you will need to allow extra time for food/ cake. We do not have café facilities on site at Zipit, only cold drinks, chocolate and crisps. But you are welcome to bring along your own food/ drink and use our tables and chairs at our outdoor decking area, outside the cabin. There are also picnic benches scattered around both parks, with BBQ areas.


If you are visiting Lough Key, the Lakeside Café is only 5 minutes walk away across the park offering hot food and a children's party menu.


If you are visiting Tibradden or Farran, there is no café on site, but we do have hot and cold drinks.  Alternatively,  Timbertrove Country Store & Café is a 5 minute drive away. However, please note that supervisors cannot leave the park if their children are still on the circuits. Better to bring a flask!


When planning food (or pizza delivery), please remember that not all the children will finish at exactly the same time. If you decide to feed the children during their activity time, this will cut short their time on the circuits.



In Zipit Tibradden, we have portaloo facilities but in Zipit Lough Key, the toilet facilites are across at the Café/ Visitor Centre, a 5 minute walk away from the cabin. Harnesses have to be taken off when using the toilets, so it is always better to remind everyone before they start.



Groups of 10 or more receive a 10% discount. Click here for pricing.


Supervision for Childrens's Birthday Party

All children under 18 must be supervised. The bigger the group, the more supervisors required. A supervisor must be able to see all of the children under their care, all of the time. So, if you have 10 children, you would need at least 2 supervisors, maybe more if the children are different ages, in case they split onto different circuits. When booking your party for a group of 16 or more, you will need to contact Head Office on 051 858008 and we can advise you about supervision for your group.


All participants are given a short training session, and we have intructors all around the park, should the children need help. It's worth a quick read of our FAQ's for further information.


Birthday Parties for Under 9's

We cater from age 7 upwards. 7 - 8 year olds can complete the green circuit only, but can go around as many times as they want within their allocated time. It's fairly "hands-on" party for supervisors and the bigger the group, the more you will be in demand! Smaller children sometimes need a lot of encouragement and oftentimes, having someone familiar closeby increases their confidence. The first time around is the slowest, but, once they have  successfully completed the circuit, second and third time round becomes great fun, as they move around with confidence. A ratio of 1 supervisor for every 4 children aged 7 - 8 is required.


Booking Recommended

Booking is strongly recommended for parties, check our Price - Circuit Matrix to see the circuits available for your age group or go straight to our Price Information.