What Covid Safety Measures have you put in place?

We have been working hard for weeks in preparation!

We are committed to keeping our staff and customers healthy and safe, but we cannot guarantee you won’t be exposed to COVID-19. We rely on you to protect yourself too:

  • Reduced numbers and 3 hour circuit time
  • Staff completed Covid Induction Day Training
  • Social distancing markers and reminders
  • One person per platform and per activity, unless from same bubble.
  • Sanitising stations
  • Increased cleaning of cabin, toilets and surrounding area.
  • Single use only for harnesses within 24 hours.
  • Separate de-harnessing area
  • On-line Waivers for digital signing
  • Removal of seating on decking area.
  • Perspex screen at cabin
Have your staff been trained in Covid-19 Prevention?


We have completed the Failte Ireland Safety Charter which certifies that we are operating in line with current Government public health advice and with safety and cleaning protocols in place.

Before returning to work, all our staff have completed online Covid Training, which includes symptoms, how to wash your hands, how to sanitise, social distancing and how to prevent the spread of Covid_19.

A Covid Induction Day has been completed by every member of staff, which includes our new procedures around the course, including close contact scenarios, cleaning regimes and equipment cleaning and monitoring.

Staff will be wearing full face-visors for their protection and yours.

What can I do to protect myself and others when at Zipit?

In case you don't know...

We are committed to keeping you healthy and safe, but we cannot guarantee you won’t be exposed to COVID-19. We rely on you to protect yourself too:

  • Sanitise your hands often and avoid touching your face.
  • Maintain your distance from others.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching surfaces.
  • Do not come to Zipit if you or a family member are feeling unwell.
Do you have Travel Restrictions?

Yes - we have a strict policy!

Anyone who has travelled overseas in the last 14 days, or arrived into Ireland, will be refused entry. Anyone who is from the Restricted Counties in Ireland will also be refused entry. In order to protect our staff, if you enter an address that is on the list, your booking will be cancelled. You will be notified and refunded.

Can I just turn up at Zipit without making a Booking On-Line?


All bookings must be made online to advance, to avoid congestion at the cabin.

Do I have to print and bring along my Waiver?

All Waivers are online

We will have access to your digitally signed waiver online. All you need to do is ensure PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF CHILDREN HAVE SIGNED ON THEIR BEHALF, EVEN IF THE PARENTS ARE NOT ATTENDING ON THE DAY. You can send on the email to everyone in your group and ask them to sign. We will then be able to access this online, at the time of your arrival.

What happens if I feel ill on the day?

Stay Home

Please don’t visit. Contact us at your earliest convenience and we will reschedule your booking.  Anyone else on your booking will also be rescheduled.  This is why we ask you to book your family unit or 'bubble'.

What do I have to bring along?

Bring the bare minimum

Zipit will no longer offer used gloves, instead we ask that you bring your own gloves (not latex, fingerless or padded) which can be gardening gloves, cycling gloves or even woolly gloves. Alternatively, you can purchase them on arrival with contactless payment. We do recommend the gloves we sell as the grip they have will help you and they will dry faster when you sanitise before starting each circuit. Price is €2 per pair.

We recommend bringing your own small sanitiser bottle, safely secured in a zipped pocket. We do have sanitising stations around the course, but it is always good to have one to hand.

Face coverings are optional, but scarves cannot be worn for safety reasons. You can wear a bum bag or a small backpack. We are closely monitoring government guidelines in this regard.

What should I do when I arrive?

Keep your distance and sanitise

On arrival, Zipit will not be accepting any customer belongings into the cabin, for the protection of our staff. Please only bring what you can fit in a zipped pocket – keys, credit card, mobile phone and small sanitiser.

ONE PERSON ONLY from each group should approach the cabin window, marked ‘Reception’ using the guidelines on the ground for social distancing. Everyone else should stay off the decking area until they are called for harnessing.

Please do not bring additional non-participating guests into Zipit - only required supervisors should stay on site.

The cabin person will be behind a Perspex screen. If you wish to purchase anything (gloves, drinks, snacks) please use contactless payment.

If for any reason, you are required to complete a paper waiver, we will pass it to you through the hatch. Please sanitise before signing.

Does Harnessing require close contact?

Yes it does

We have made some changes for social distancing, but we do still need to tighten and check your harness. This is why our instructors will be wearing a full face visor and will sanitise between customers. Remember, we are all new to this, so if you see that they have forgotten to sanitise, please ask them nicely! They won’t be offended. #allinthistogether.

Will there be crowds and queuing?

We are working hard to avoid this

We have greatly reduced numbers to avoid queues. Training groups will be smaller and only one person per platform is now allowed. We do ask that people not participating are limited to no more than 2 people per booking. Anyone ignoring the social distancing rules between people other than their own bubble, may be asked to leave.

Do you have hand-washing facilities?

Not in Tibradden

Tibradden, Dublin – eco toilets. Sanitising only. If public toilets are not open in Farran and Lough Key, portaloos will be in place. In this instance, there will be no running water.

We have numerous sanitising stations around the course and at key points.

Are you accepting group bookings?

We are monitoring bookings constantly

We are accepting all family groups that live together.

If you wish to have a birthday party or a group of children from separate households, and all parents have signed the waiver to agree that their child can participate, we will be happy to see you at Zipit BUT we cannot be held responsible for enforcing social distancing between the children, although we will do our best to encourage it. This will be the responsibility of the party hosts – so please think carefully before you decide to take on the challenge!

Will I be in with another group?


Our safety briefing numbers will be reduced, but you may be in with other people. Social distancing will be expected between bubbles. And we are lucky to operate in the outdoors, in an open forest setting.

Have we left you with an unanswered question?

We don't know all the answers for Covid_19 but we can answer your questions on our operational changes. Please call us at Head Office on 051 858008 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is it for children or adults?

Zipit is for everyone!

Come on your own or as a group. Different circuits cater for different heights, ages and abilities. Families can complete circuits together or can choose to supervise kids from the ground. This is the perfect outdoor activity for children age 7 upwards to adults of all ages.

Our courses are ideal for corporate outings, school tours, team bonding and social groups, hens and stags, kids and adult birthday celebrations.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary per age

7-8 Years Old
9-11 Years Old
12-14 Years Old
15+ Years Old
Green Course
Orange Course
White Course
Blue Course
Red Course
Walk-In Price
Discounted Online Price

10% discount for groups of 10 or more when booked online.

When are you open?

Throughout most of the year

Weather dependent, we open mid-February to coincide with the school holidays and close at the end of November. We open 7 days a week from June to August and every weekend and bank holiday from February to November. We will take group bookings for weekdays outside of July and August, so if you have a minimum of 13 adults, give us a call on 051 858008. If the weather is good, we will open additional weekday slots, so check online for availability.

Opening hours depend on the season. During July and August we open at 9am with last Safety Briefing usually between 3pm and 6pm dependent on demand.  Check website for realtime schedules.  We are open for 3 hours after the last Safety Briefing. When you make a booking online, available times will be highlighted.

How long does Zipit take?

Up to three hours

Each participant has their harness for a maximum of 3 hours. You will complete the Safety Briefing and, as a guide, 3 circuits within the 3 hours.  During busy periods circuits can take longer to complete.  If you don’t wish to move on to the next circuit or you have a height/age restriction, then you have the option of repeating the earlier circuits.

If you want to have fewer people on the course it is recommended that you book the early slots because it is generally quieter.

Please be aware that the circuit starts will be closed at least an hour before we are due to close the park so if you are in towards the end of the day, check the circuit close times.



Cancellations or reschedules must be made at least 48hours before your session time, as confirmed at the time of the booking, if you have any changes to your booking please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No refunds or reschedules within 48 hours of your session as harnesses are allocated at this time.

Rain does not stop the activities from going ahead, so please check the weather in advance if you are concerned.



Minimum Age is 7 years.

Minimum Height is 1m.

Maximum Weight is 120kg

The maximum waist measurement of the harness is 110cm (43 inches)
The maximum expansion of the leg loops, which you step into and tighten around the top of the thigh, measure 70 cm (27 inches).

If you have any concerns we advise that you visit a course prior to your booking and speak to a member of the Zipit staff.

Each circuit has its own minimum age and height restrictions. Please visit The Tour for these restrictions.

I have a pacemaker / ICD

I have a pacemaker / ICD

Our parks use a safety system  which involves the use of magnets. Magnets may interfere with the operation of pacemakers and ICD’s.

We recommend that you check with your doctor, before making your booking.

What if I’m pregnant?

What if I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately, due to safety risk, anyone who is pregnant is unable to participate.

Additional Needs Participants

Additional Needs Participants

Our circuits are designed to offer a level of physical and mental challenges. For customers with additional needs or disabilities, some or all of our circuits may be unsuitable. We recommend that carers or adults with disabilities visit Zipit prior to booking and evaluate the suitability for themselves. Our Course Managers are on hand to offer advice.

Participants must be able to operate the safety system independently, otherwise, regardless of age, they would need to remain on the green circuit, with supervision by their carer up on the circuit. A late afternoon/evening booking is recommend to avoid busy circuits, resulting in a more leisurely pace around the course.

We will try to provide as much assistance as possible to help those with special needs to undertake our courses. However, the primary responsibility of our staff is to ensure the highest levels of safety for all our customers. This ensures a great day for everyone. We are sure that you will understand this, even when it conflicts with individual needs. Course safety, for our customers and staff, will always be given priority.

Is there parking on-site?

Yes, at all sites

In Zipit Tibradden, parking is free on-site.

In Zipit Lough Key, there is a €4 Coillte charge for the car park that is a 5 minute walk from Zipit. It can only be paid in coins or in tokens from Lough Key Activity Centre.

In Zipit Farran, there is a €5 Coillte charge for the car park. It can only be paid in coins.

Is there a café?

Is there a café?

Covid update 7/6/20:  Subject to Government guidelines, some facilities may not be fully open.

Lough Key Forest Park has a Lakeside cafe only a 5 minute walk from Zipit. From the cabin we sell water, Lucozade, crisps and a couple of chocolate snacks in case you are low on energy!!

Zipit Tibradden and Zipit Farran offer hot and cold drinks, crisps and a selection of chocolate snacks.

There is a small decking area at all parks, with a few tables and chairs and you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. There are also picnic benches around the parks. We do not have any indoor facilities or a fully-covered area.


What happens if it’s raining?

If it rains ...

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing"- Sir Rannulph Fiennes

If it’s raining, you might get wet, but this is Ireland and we never let a bit of rain stop us from having fun! Only high winds or extreme conditions will close the site and the tree canopy offers protection from the elements. You’ll be having so much fun that you probably won’t even notice!

Our cancellation/re-schedule policy is 48 hours, so please check the weather forecast ahead of time- Harnesses are reserved so we cannot refund on the day.

Is it safe in the rain?

Is it safe in the rain?

If it wasn’t safe we wouldn’t open.  Rain does not affect the safety of our courses, or equipment.

Do I need to book in advance?

Booking is essential

To guarantee your place, book online at www.zipit.ie

To take advantage of our reduced rate, your visit to Zipit must be booked online.

During peak times we are fully booked most days. As we have a limited number of harnesses, if you do not have a booking we cannot guarantee that you will get on the circuits.

What time should I arrive for my booking?

It is important to arrive on time

Your booking time is the time you need to arrive to enable you to complete the check-in process and get harnessed up ready for action. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed admission, especially during busy times.

Does it matter if I’m late for my booking?

Yes, it does

If you are late for your booking, we will always try our best to get you onto the circuits but this is not always possible. No refunds will be given.

I have booked a birthday party, one child will arrive late, is this ok?

Unfortunately, not

We cannot accommodate late arrivals as every participant is allocated a time slot. If a child cannot arrive on time, they will be unable to participate unless they are booked separately for a later time. However, this will mean they are separated from the rest of the group who will be at a different stage on the course.

Does the Instructor follow us on the course?

Instructors are always nearby

A trained instructor will give you a 30-45 minute Safety Briefing session before you climb the trees. When you have successfully completed the practice circuit, you can then complete the circuits at your own pace.  You move through the circuits unguided, but Instructors are always on hand and will offer encouragement and help when you need it.

Can I get down at any time?


If at any time, you encounter difficulty or feel like you can’t continue climbing in the tress, our specially trained rescue instructors are on hand to assist you and lower you to the ground if necessary.

Can spectators watch me climb from the ground?


Spectators are more than welcome to follow you from the ground as you progress through the activities. There is no charge for spectators at Zipit.  However in light of current Covid_19 Pandemic, we would ask you to limit the number of spectators on the ground.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing

We recommend that you wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Padded jackets are not allowed.  You can bring your own gloves or you have the option to purchase a pair for €2.  There will be no used gloves for customer use.  You should wear comfortable shoes with good grips, no flip-flops or open-toed shoes or sandals. Long hair must be tied into a bun and it’s recommended that body piercings be covered. Midriffs should not be bare as the harness may chafe.  We do not have changing room facilities.

You may need to bring insect repellant and sun cream during certain months.

Can I wear glasses?


It is fine to wear glasses on our circuits, though, as with any activity, there is always a risk that they can fall off.

Can I bring my camera?

Of course you may!

Bring your camera if you want to record your time in the trees. All loose objects (such as cameras, phones etc) must be attached to you at all times or secured in a zipped pocket. This is for your own safety and that of the other participants.

Will there be queues?


In light of the current Covid_19 Pandemic, we have reduced our numbers on the course, to allow for social distancing and less queueing at the starts.  There may be queues in the middle of the day at peak times, though our instructors always do their best to dissipate them as fast as possible.  If you want to get around the course as fast as possible, book an early morning slot and be first on!

Are there storage / changing facilities?

Sorry, no!

We are afraid we do not provide storage for your belongings.

Are there toilets?


These are located in the Visitor Centre at Lough Key and on-site in Farran and Tibradden. Unfortunately due to lack of running water in Tibradden Wood, we are restricted to the use of dry, ecological, composting toilets. It is recommended that you use the toilet facilities before starting.

Can I stop for food?

If you wish!

Your time at Zipit is up to 3 hours so if you do stop for food, you will be cutting down your time on the circuits. During this time of Covid_19 we have taken away all tables and chairs on decking area. As we are an open forest, we cannot stop anyone from having a picnic in the open areas, but we would ask that you stay away from the decking area and surrounding when stopping for a break. If you are leaving the site your harness has to be removed.

Is it safe?

Zipit is very safe

We have taken all necessary steps to ensure our activities are safe, prodiving you adhere to all of our safety rules.  You must listen carefully to the safety briefing. 

Zipit Forest Adventures is a member of the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) and adheres to EN 15567-2 Sports and recreational facilities - Ropes courses - Part 2: Operation requirements.

This European Standard applies to the operation of ropes courses and specifies the operational requirements to ensure an appropriate level of safety and service when used for either recreation, training, education or therapeutic purposes.

We have a policy of informing participants of the nature of risk associated with our activities through our Waiver and our Safety Briefing (approx. 30 – 45 minutes) which is mandatory for all customers wishing to participate on our courses.  

Through strict adherence to the ERCA requirements and continual investment in the most current Personal Protective Equipment we are confident that all risks are minimised.

For more details on safety, click here.

What happens if I get stuck?

Don’t panic, instructors are at hand

Instructors are always close-by to either encourage you or help you down to the ground. Instructors are fully trained and have special equipment to rescue you from the trees and bring you down safely to the ground.

However, we always try to offer advice and assistance to help you complete the circuit, so you leave us with a great sense of achievement.

What if I fall / slip?

No problem

Your safety harness will catch you, and then you can regain your footing and proceed. Instructors are always patrolling the course so if you need help just let them know.

Do I have to participate?

Spectators are welcome

You do not have to participate, you are most welcome to follow your children or friends from the ground (offering encouragement of course!), but we have a strict active supervision policy, so you cannot leave your children unattended. For supervision from the ground there is no charge.

A supervising adult (over 18) must be able to see all of the children under their supervision, all of the time. So if you have children of varying ages, it is advisable to bring extra supervision. If you would like further guidance on this, just give us a call on 051 858008.

How many supervisors do I need?

It depends on the number and ages of children

A supervising adult (over 18) must be able to see all of the children under their supervision, all of the time. So if you have children of varying ages, it is advisable to bring extra supervision.

For example, if you have children spanning ages 7 - 16, there may be a time when they are on 5 different circuits, and this would necessitate for separate supervision.

If you are bringing a group of 7-8 year olds, we recommend a ratio of one adult to every 4 children as they often need encouragement at the start.

If you would like further guidance on this, just give us a call on 051 858008.

Can two supervisors share the same harness?


For safety reasons each person must be fitted with their own harness by an instructor and they must go through the Safety Briefing and trial circuit.

I am bringing other people’s children…

Parents must complete waivers for them online prior to your visit

We ask parents to to complete an online waiver for children under 18. It is their duty to ensure that there will be supervisors for their children, on the day.

What’s maximum people I can book in online?

Covid_19 Guidelines are under constant review

If you have a group of 8 or more, please call us at head office on 051 858008 or complete the Group Contact Form and we can work to accommodate you. We will be staggering starts with more groups than we normally would, but we can still accommodate a large group. 

What circuits can I do?

Restrictions vary by age

We do have course restrictions to ensure your safety:

  • Minimum Age is 7 years.
  • Minimum Height is 1m.
  • Maximum Weight is 120kg (leg strap dimensions can also limit fitting of harness)

Each circuit also has its own minimum age and height restrictions. Please visit The Tour to see what circuits are available to you.

How high is the course?

From 1 to 20 metres

The Children’s Circuit (Green) starts off at approximately 1 metre from the ground and height gradually increases as you move through the Family Circuits (Orange and White) to finish around 15-20 metres off the ground (Blue and Red Circuits)

Lough Key, Roscommon

Located in the stunning Lough Key Forest Park, in the midlands lake district. The park also has an indoor activity centre, lakeside café, campsite, boat, bike and segway hire.

Tibradden Wood, Dublin

Nestled on a sloping site in the Dublin Mountains, only 15 minutes from Dundrum Town Centre. Enjoy panoramic views of Dublin Bay and Howth from this beautiful pine forest.

Farran Park, Cork

Only 20 minutes from Cork city, beside the National Rowing Centre and Inniscarra Lake. With a children’s playground, deer enclosure and duck pond, there is plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

Need More Information?

For more information, browse through our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us through our Contact Us page.