The Tour

So what is Zipit?

Platforms on trees at various heights (ranging from 1 metre to 20 metres off the ground) which are connected by a range of activities, such as rope bridges, swinging logs, cargo nets and ziplines, allowing you to move from one tree to another.

There are five different circuits, with each one getting a little bit more challenging than the previous one but you probably won’t even notice this as you move along, activity by activity. Admission to each circuit is dependent on age, but sometimes it is necessary to restrict access based on ability. This is for your own safety. A supervisor for under 18's is essential, but you can supervise from the ground free of charge, if you do not wish to participate.

Zipit has built circuits of varying difficulty, suitable for anyone from age 7 upwards with a basic level of fitness. Ideal for those new to the world of adventure who like their challenges in bite-sized chunks, to weekend warriors seeking their latest adrenalin fix. No experience or skill is required, just a desire to have fun and be adventurous.

Be prepared for up to 3 hours of  fun as each activity builds your confidence. Within this time you should complete the safety briefing and 3 circuits. Please be aware that the circuit starts will be closed at least an hour before we are due to close the park so if you are are in towards the end of the day, check the circuit close times.


Before you Climb

Before your arrival, you need to make your booking online to reserve your harness (in peak season, we book out in advance, so pre-booking saves disappointment on the day).

On arrival at your booked time,  you check in at the cabin with our reception team and complete the paperwork. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed admission, especially in peak season.

Then you are harnessed by one of our qualified staff and everyone that is booked in for the allotted time is introduced to their training instructor, who will walk you to the Safety Briefing circuit.

Allow up to 45 mins for the safety briefing, which starts at your booked time, explaining the features of the course and safety equipment and giving you time to complete the practice circuit under the supervision of the instructor. This allows you to gain your confidence and ensures that you are familiar with the safety system.

Then let the fun begin……

Oh, and don't forget to sanitise before you start!

Moving on Up

Our 5 circuits start with a ladder that leads you up to the first platform. Once you connect to the safety system, climb the ladder and enjoy the forest from a unique perspective! You remain connected throughout the course, ensuring your safety so you can focus on having fun. Balance on wires and swinging logs, zipwire through the tree canopy, swing into a cargo net. It’s non-stop fun and adventure once you take your feet off the ground.



Safety Briefing

This is where the safety briefing, demonstration of safety equipment and practice takes place. It takes about 30 - 45 minutes.

Green Circuit

Minimum Age: 7 years
Minimum Height: 1 metre

With platforms starting at only 1 metre high, this is aimed at the younger children, but it is also great for families with younger children to complete together. Little ones aged 7 to 8 can repeat the circuit (under supervision), but they cannot move on a higher level, even if they "are like a monkey"!

Orange Circuit

Minimum Age: 9 years
Minimum Height: 1.2 metres

With platforms up to 4 metres high, this circuit is for children aged 9 or more and it is a great confidence-builder for adults visiting for the first time.

White Circuit

Minimum Age: 9 years
Minimum Height: 1.2 metres

Going as high as 10 metres in places, the white circuit is slightly harder than the orange. Just like the orange circuit, it has a minimum age of 9. For adults, looking to warm up for the blue circuit, this is a good starting point.

Blue Circuit

Minimum Age: 12 years
Minimum Height: 1.4 metres

If you are aged 12 or more, then it's onwards and upwards to our longest blue circuit, with heights up to 15 metres and lots of zipwires. This one takes a while, but there are a couple of ‘short cuts’ if you don’t think your energy levels will last until the end.

Red Circuit

Minimum Age: 15 years
Minimum Height: 1.4 metres

If you still feel you have room for more adrenaline (and a little fear!) then age 15+ can move on to the red circuit - a real challenge requiring major energy and upper body strength. For those of you who are thrill-seekers, ask our Instructors for tips on how to make your experience even more extreme, as you base jump from 15-20 metres!



Lough Key, Roscommon

Located in the stunning Lough Key Forest Park, in the midlands lake district. The park also has an indoor activity centre, lakeside café, campsite, boat, bike and segway hire.

Tibradden Wood, Dublin

Nestled on a sloping site in the Dublin Mountains, only 15 minutes from Dundrum Town Centre. Enjoy panoramic views of Dublin Bay and Howth from this beautiful pine forest.

Farran Park, Cork

Only 20 minutes from Cork city, beside the National Rowing Centre and Inniscarra Lake. With a children’s playground, deer enclosure and duck pond, there is plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

Need More Information?

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